The Importance of Self Worth


We are enamored with extravagance.

Our personal worth is defined by our ability to seem as if we are living the life we want. Clinically, in times past, we would be diagnosed as having multiple personalities, but instead, it’s just the personalities that are presented on your social platforms and a normalcy in this day in age. I won’t deny it. I have different versions of myself that are pushed to the public on my separate feeds. On snapchat and Instagram, I’m a world traveler with a heightened desire to taste exotic foods and meet with differing mindsets, on Facebook, I am grounded in my friendships that are seen through pictures posted or cat videos I’m tagged in, on LinkedIn I am a budding professional with a desire to be seen as a tie wearing straight edged young man.

What I have come to realize is not only is this exhausting to keep up different personalities, but it drains you as an individual. It takes away from your self-worth by actually blurring the definition of who you are as a person. It’s a process to stem away from because we want to be perceived by others in the way that most positively shows us. However, the more important factor is knowing your self-worth and understanding who you are.

It’s easy to say, but even harder to do. For me, the best way to understand the incredible life I lead is to think every day about the impact I’ve had on other individuals and the satisfaction that comes from simply helping others and being a beacon of positivity. My positivity is ever present because I acknowledge the massive influence of friends in my life, the privilege I’ve taken on of being born into a supporting family, and being loved for exactly who I am (thank you Kasie).

Take pride in yourself. Understand that you are here for a reason and you impact individuals daily. Why not impact people even more by letting your self-worth overflow into others and spread your love to the world.

Happy Friday everyone!


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“There is no such things as strangers, just friends we’ve yet to meet.”

Brant A. Wickersham


The Hamburger

I’m sitting in my American Literature course earlier this morning and aside from the fact that I’m the eldest in my class, I came to the realization that American education can be summed up in two words: The Hamburger.


Everyone remembers the hamburger when they were learning how to write in grade school. The big bun, the first (or last) piece of the burger that was your introduction and conclusion paragraphs, the big juicy meat in between the buns that could be one to three patties representing  your content to write about and your primary points within the article, and the add-ons that were just fillers for the essay itself, i.e, bacon, tomato, lettuce, ketchup or whatever else your teacher said you could add. Anyways, here I am sitting in my class as a 21 year almost graduated college student and a classmate sheepishly raises his voice asking “So… what should the format of this paper be? Like is it an intro and then the meat and extra dressings and then the conclusion part?”

I paused trying to comprehend what was just said.. Here I am, sitting in a course designed for independent thinking and analysis of American literature through the juxtaposition of autonomous thought and literary content. Rather, for one to understand how to write this paper, they had to put it in layman’s 3rd grade English terms of the hamburger analogy. This both proved that the way in which we are trained to learn is faulted and the best way in which to teach is to break it down into its most simplistic form and give each component structure. Writing is supposed to be an art form that follows no real order, but rather, standardized testing has made students perceive that a specific format is required in everything written. In no way am I saying that a format shouldn’t be followed, but instead, creativity and self-thought should be pushed as more important.

So in essence, it is not about the “hamburger” but rather what sandwich you want to create. Not everything can be boxed into patties or buns because sometimes people prefer wraps, or hollowed out bread, or no bread at all. Figure out your style and create your own persona through your written words.

Thanks for checking in with me. If you have any topic or event that you want written about, let me know! My goal this year is to write more provide a lasting impact on the words you all read! Love y’all, thanks again


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“There is no such things as strangers, just friends we’ve yet to meet.”

Brant A. Wickersham

Why I Dislike The Bachelor & The Bachelorette

Your first thought is probably why in the world is Brant writing about The Bachelor/Bachelorette? To answer that question, the primary and basically sole reason as to why I watch it is because my girlfriend enjoys it. So put your quandaries aside because I promise you it would not be a show I would watch on my own. After watching the season finale last night and basically the whole season seeing all of the guys cycled through got me to thinking and wondering about quite a few things.


The 5 things I hate:

1. The bachelor/bachelorette is actually dating 25 people simultaneously… Seriously?

2. Somehow every contestant is incredibly good looking

3. Around the world exotic dates are common practice

4. A proposal in two months or else the whole series is deemed unsuccesful

5. The Fantasy Suite (LOL)


1. Now I know this is a reality TV show and it’s all about viewership and ratings so the drama is a necessary factor and the discernible craziness has to be apparent. The area that I thoroughly do enjoy is how many dates the eligible bachelor or bachelorette go on. My mom always told me to just take people on dates, or what we would call in todays terminology “hanging out”. Just hanging out with a person and getting to know them on a level above texting or snapchatting is something that humans crave and need. When you connect with someone through a random interaction, it makes that moment memorable, so I’m glad that the show provides so many opportunities to go on “dates”. But here is where one of my first dislikes stems from. This person is literally dating 25 people AT THE SAME TIME. If one of your friends did this or a person you knew was doing this, they would basically be considered a prostitute or other more negative terms. Seriously, imagine if you were dating 25 people at the same time… You know how hard it would be to keep up with all those texts!


2. Every man and woman on this show is somehow extremely good looking. Although the casting crew selects from a wide variety of contestants and pulls from many different job titles to make it seem as if it is random, these contestants are the Fabio’s and Kate Upton’s of their fields. Part time accountant full-time model. Seriously. It also doesn’t help that even the guys are caked up with makeup to appear even better than before. As I said before, I know it’s a TV show that cares about ratings, but for it being a “reality” show, it’s hard for me to think that all men and women look like this. Please discontinue this portrayal of men and women that are always perfectly tanned and exquisitely groomed (this is not reality).


3. I love dates, I love going out, dressing up, and enjoying the company of loved ones. I think it is awesome how the people on this show get to travel around the world getting to go on dates that are unique in ways that make those watching jealous. But back to reality, these trips are thousands and thousands of dollars for the transportation alone, keep in mind that this doesn’t even include the excursions or food or housing costs. These weekly dates are once in a lifetime opportunities that are made seem like you and your significant other can do regularly. I wish. This is another fantasy put into our minds that convinces us that we should be doing this to have a healthy relationship or a lifelong love. Although I do think traveling is incredible and always an adventure, I don’t think it’s feasible to do weekly. You can’t take off from work or school for that long, you can’t continually spend without working, and you really can’t keep up that blistering pace. Living out of a suitcase for months at a time is tough (take it from me).


4. As the season concluded last night and Josh and Andi were swooning over one another in pure love, I noticed one funny thing. The host always concludes by asking if they love one another and plan to still get married. The problem I have with what he said is how he expects their love and all of the other past seasons to follow a specific format. Love requires a lot of patience and a lot of time in my opinion and to be wed to someone is a lifelong commitment. Now it may be the kind of person I am, but I believe in fostering love for a long time before I get married. Understand the ins and outs of a person fully and know that I truly love that person. Two short months just seems so brief and so quick. It just makes it seemed pushed quicker than what the norm may be. Now if that love is real and deserving of being wed within two months then by all means, do it. But don’t rush into marriage unless you really love that person.


5. This quickly translates to “how good are you in bed?”… The fantasy suite basically involves them doing the dirty without it being said. Weird.


I dislike a lot about this show, but at the end of the day it is just a show. One thing I can say that is positive about it is that never once while watching it did I see them sitting on their phones. My advice, put your phone down and enjoy the company of others. I promise you, missing an hours worth of material on your Facebook timeline or Instagram feed will not affect you. Missing a life long friendship because you were stuck on your phone really will.

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Thanks for the read hope you enjoyed!


“There is no such things as strangers, just friends we’ve yet to meet.”

Brant A. Wickersham