Why Emotion Is Okay

Vulnerability is often overlooked and ignored.

For longer than I can remember, I’ve heard that men are designed to be tough. From a purely genetic and physiological sense, it is easily understood. Men have higher levels of testosterone than women and can naturally build muscle at higher levels than women. The issue that I find in this statement, however, is not its association with muscle or the physical nature of being a man, but that it’s also been attached to the mental side of being a man.

It’s frowned upon to cry, frowned upon to be seen as weak, and on top of that, the least manly thing you can do is to always be that moody friend.

Naturally, we are susceptible to emotions, but men have been trained into thinking that emotion is not a factor to personal development. In reality, it is quite the opposite, but we just don’t think of it as an emotion, it just happens. The example I’m thinking of is sports. We track stats, follow our favorite teams, and obsess over people we likely have never met or spoken to. You share excitement with other fans when great plays happen, get nervous when there is only seconds left on the clock in the game, and cry tears of sorrow or joy upon an end result of a game. When thinking about how insane sports entertainment is, it blows my mind that men wearing tights throwing a ball around and smacking up on each other clicks something in the male brain that destroys the emotional gate.

What I want to share with you today is that emotion is a natural part of being human and should be constantly used when dealing with your life. Suppressing emotion does nothing but contort and twist your mind into whatever your thoughts perceive the situation as.

What I encourage for you all to do is to be emotional when you’ve been advised not to. Cry at amazing performances, love fearlessly and have your heart explode with happiness, be proud and excited of yourself when you nail an interview or question in class, but most importantly, be cognizant of your emotions and let them flow through you to better your life. When you can define your emotion rather than pondering what you’re feeling, you have the ability and opportunity to make massive change in yourself and those around you.

Thanks for checking in this week. I love each and every one of you that takes time out of your busy life to read my blogs. Means a hell of a lot. Looking forward to growing this incredible community and continuing to impact those in it. Have an amazing and blessed weekend!


“There is no such things as strangers, just friends we’ve yet to meet.”

Brant A. Wickersham


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