Month: March 2017

The 48 Hour Rule

I am fortunate enough to interview high level entrepreneurs on a weekly basis and learn valuable lessons from them that propelled their lives into not just monetary prowess, but a wisdom that is unavailable from a collegiate standpoint. I had the pleasure of speaking one on one with an individual that amassed nearly 2 million followers on Facebook and spoke on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to religion to monetizing your own personality. It was within this conversation that one slight tip popped up that I will never forget.

This tip is the 48-hour rule.

The idea is simple. We are bred to plot and plan and wait to strike at the perfect moment rather than just doing. The 48 hours collectively are the time period for your reactive state. If the idea is still lingering in your head even after 48 hours, immediate action is required on it.

Waiting will kill your dreams. There has never, in the history of the world, been someone that garnishes success just by sitting back and thinking about ideas. It is all about execution and your willingness to execute. Often, I see discouragement comes into play from others because it is unreasonable or unfathomable so it sways you from pursuing it. This isn’t just about possible entrepreneurial ventures or business as a whole, but can be anything pertinent in your life. Starting that blog you’ve always wanted, learning about photography, pursuing your art, or even just wanting to go to the gym. If you never act on your impulse or your thought, you will be stuck in limbo and become dissatisfied at what you did not do.

I part with this; You personally can create and become an amazing version of yourself, but it requires time, energy, and a willingness to perfect your craft. Whatever that may be or how far from reality it may seem to be, you can accomplish it. And even if you fail, that’s just one thing that led you to something even better. Have a great Friday and an even better weekend!


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“There is no such things as strangers, just friends we’ve yet to meet.”

Brant A. Wickersham


The Importance of Self Worth


We are enamored with extravagance.

Our personal worth is defined by our ability to seem as if we are living the life we want. Clinically, in times past, we would be diagnosed as having multiple personalities, but instead, it’s just the personalities that are presented on your social platforms and a normalcy in this day in age. I won’t deny it. I have different versions of myself that are pushed to the public on my separate feeds. On snapchat and Instagram, I’m a world traveler with a heightened desire to taste exotic foods and meet with differing mindsets, on Facebook, I am grounded in my friendships that are seen through pictures posted or cat videos I’m tagged in, on LinkedIn I am a budding professional with a desire to be seen as a tie wearing straight edged young man.

What I have come to realize is not only is this exhausting to keep up different personalities, but it drains you as an individual. It takes away from your self-worth by actually blurring the definition of who you are as a person. It’s a process to stem away from because we want to be perceived by others in the way that most positively shows us. However, the more important factor is knowing your self-worth and understanding who you are.

It’s easy to say, but even harder to do. For me, the best way to understand the incredible life I lead is to think every day about the impact I’ve had on other individuals and the satisfaction that comes from simply helping others and being a beacon of positivity. My positivity is ever present because I acknowledge the massive influence of friends in my life, the privilege I’ve taken on of being born into a supporting family, and being loved for exactly who I am (thank you Kasie).

Take pride in yourself. Understand that you are here for a reason and you impact individuals daily. Why not impact people even more by letting your self-worth overflow into others and spread your love to the world.

Happy Friday everyone!


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“There is no such things as strangers, just friends we’ve yet to meet.”

Brant A. Wickersham

Fear of Failure

You may not realize it but you are inadvertently controlled by others. Regardless of how independent you are or how often you say IDGAF, there is still a slight emotional or mental connection you have with others. This is where I want to introduce the fear of failure. More often than not, your fear does not stem from individual factors, but rather the fear of disappointment of those that “care” about you. Whether that be direct family, your significant other, your friend group, or people that garnish your attention and dictate your well-being. Your primary reasoning is to not disappoint.

When looking at this in the real world, it is what I perceive as a massive underlying aspect of my friends and people around me not pursuing what they truly want from their respective lives. You are conditioned to think and act by certain mannerisms from those around you, whether you like it or not. Your decisions rely heavily on what you believe others will think especially those tied to you by blood or by friendship. It is with this in mind that I think many college graduates pursue the corporate culture because it is engrained in their mind as the only real path to success.

Outside of this fear of letting down those close to you and going outside of the norm, the primary purpose  of me writing this article is solely about fear. We live in an “idea time frame” where we are able to think of the next Uber, or the next Facebook, or the next great clothing line. We focus quickly on the marketing aspect and the monetary capital that you’d have to raise rather than sticking our feet in the ground and creating a product to bring to the marketplace. We fear and adamantly dissuade ourselves from just starting because of factors made up in our own mind or those people that love us saying it’s far too risky and that it’d never work.

It is hard. Really fucking hard. But if you have conviction that you may be on the brink of a million dollar idea, I stress you to chase it. Create your product, take out a loan, bring it to the marketplace and then see if does not work or if it succeeds. This fear is a mental barrier that prohibits many of us from what we truly want and I hope after reading this, you are inspired to chase what you want. Chase your dream job, chase your dream life, and chase every day with constant fervor and a desire to learn. You’re the youngest now that you’ll ever be. Go get it.


**Side note — Take selfies. People like seeing your face.**


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“There is no such things as strangers, just friends we’ve yet to meet.”

Brant A. Wickersham