Month: September 2016

Fear Average

Hey folks! It’s been quite a while since I’ve published a post, but have recently gone through some periods of inspiration and figured I would share with you all. A quick update on my life; I am now entering my senior year at the University of Florida whilst pursuing a degree in Family, Youth, and Community Sciences and a minor in general business. It goes without saying that four years have passed by in what seemed to be seconds.

Senior year has brought about many new experiences, spanning from academic challenges, pursuing a profession outside of being a student, or through my involvement as president of my fraternity. However, no matter the experience, the succession of the year thus far can be defined by a simplistic yet effective phrase; fear average. I’ve adopted this mindset not for the fact that average is synonymous with normalcy or ordinary, but rather to push myself further than my current thought process accepts. Fearing the average relates to all facets of life whether it be socially, professionally, or even interpersonally. “The average” is something that should twist your stomach because it is loathed so heavily. The average is an acceptance of failure and an acknowledgement that you are no longer pursuing excellence. The average, quite simply, promotes mediocrity and the inability to seek greatness.

Fearing the average comes from a personal desire to excel out of the norm and create a lasting impact on those around me. This desire to create value forces me to be far better than average and in turn provides a platform for growth. My ambition is to have the average hated so much, that it physically hurts you to be tied with that word. You have the opportunity to shatter expectations and be a better you every day, but if you accept an average allotment or an average life, then you will never accomplish ultimate success. Fear the average, hate the average, be so upset by the average that being around those who accept it as a norm no longer provide depth to your life

It is with hope that you can take these words to heart and bring your own life into another level of excellence. When you start scaring others with how much you can accomplish in one day, the average is no longer a part of your life.


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“There is no such things as strangers, just friends we’ve yet to meet.”

Brant A. Wickersham