Seriously Silly

“Time and place..” currently one of my favorite phrases because it seems to be applicable to almost everything. There is a time and place for all actions you take, but the one that is most relevant to me currently is seriousness. We’re constantly told to act this way or react in a particular manner, but always told to maintain composure and be serious. Being serious is tiring, it wears away on how you actually want to act and molds you into that cubicle worker with a 9-5 shift. Boring, boring, boring. It’s time to alter the norm and change up what is so common in business’ today. Look at Google for instance, they allow their employees to be creative and work in a “silly” atmosphere. This encourages workers to embrace their individuality and doesn’t tie them down to the seriousness usually involved with big corporations. They work for enjoyment and therefore get more things done and know when to be serious.


The reason why I talk about this seriousness is because if you are continually serious and just conform to what everyone else is doing, you are bound to make your personality more shallow. Be yourself and let out your creativity. Don’t get trapped behind the molded exterior people may want to see. Follow your dreams and pursue what actually interests you. Above all, enjoy your work and love what you do because if you can do that, your “silliness” will be as much a part of you as it is your work.

Hope you all have a wonderful week. Seriously.

“There is no such things as strangers, just friends we’ve yet to meet.”

Brant A. Wickersham



Letting out my inner sorority girl..

Bought some hightop white converse this weekend and I still can’t stop laughing



  1. Keeping it fun is super important. What do you think is the best way to have fun and be highly productive? What’s the trick?


    1. To me, the balance between productivity and having fun is a pretty close line. I think the way to max out both areas is to focus on being productive in certain time slots. Map out what you have as objectives for the day and once you complete those objectives and goals leave time for yourself to have fun! Time management is key to having both.


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