Month: May 2014

The Importance of a Name

What is the most important thing you own? Is it a particular item of clothing in your closet, your phone possibly, or maybe your car? Notice how everything listed was a tangible item or thing, but personally nothing you physically own can oust one intangible item. Something that you have no control of, but reflects every bit of you. The most important thing that you own is, quite simply, your name.

Your name defines you in ways that is much more than what you wear or what you own. Your name is a legacy in the making and is the first thing remembered when spoken about. Everything about you, those things you like and those you’re not so fond of, are tied to your name. Names are unique solely to you and although there may be many people who share similar personality traits, little to no one shares your same name.

Think about a life without names and how poignant it would be. Conversations filled with voids like “dude” or “lady” but never actually your name. Interactions would be bland and lack any personal references. Personally, I think true friendships and lasting connections are made through names. Think about going to your local Starbucks and placing an order. Imagine if the attendant didn’t ask for your name and just served it as your order. Things would be absolute chaos and orders would be made in a slipshod fashion regularly resulting in dissatisfaction. Now think about those times that you’ve gone to Starbucks and they misspelled your name on your order. Subconsciously your mind responds by pointing out the mistake of the person either through laughter, anger, or tweeting and Instagramming the mistake that was made. Personally I resort to Twitter because I like seeing how many ways in which people can mess up the spelling of Brant.
Regardless of the Brent/Brandon/Brad situation, your name is your most important asset; so why in business is this not the area of most focus? I know I don’t want to get an email or phone call saying, “Customer, we are sorry about your inconvenience…” I want my name written throughout the text or said multiple times so I know what’s being said is real and genuine. Automated responses are incredible for efficiency, but take away from the customer experience. Every asset of a business should focus on the customer and the most important thing that customer owns is not your product, but rather, their own name. No matter how big your business gets, there is no name that is less important than it. It should be the utmost priority to be personal and know the names of those that are using your product or just learning about it.

I challenge you to remember names more than you do currently. Make your interactions an experience that you can relate to the next time you see that person or group. If you can remember names, I assure you it will be noticed. Remember, your name is your best asset, make it a priority to treat others in that same manner acknowledging that their names is just as important. I hope you enjoyed my first blog post and really hope you all continue reading them. I’ll be writing on a weekly basis posting every Monday night!


“There is no such things as strangers, just friends we’ve yet to meet.”

Brant A. Wickersham